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Cleopatra Milk & Honey Bath Bomb

    Cleopatra Milk & Honey Bath Bomb


      Our most luxurious bomb, filled with real Organic Honey, and Coconut Milk. Cleopatra will create swirling shimmering gold bath water scented in Milk and Honey. It will also leave a slight shimmer (not sparkle) to your skin even after the bath. This beauty will leave your skin feeling like silk, soft & supple and completely moisturized. Truly an experience fit for royalty, bathing will never be the same!


      Each of our Bath Bombs are handmade here in the USA (and close to the beach) using only the highest quality ingredients. Because of our quality, our bombs are usually safe and soothing for all skin types... even little ones! Many of our bombs are formulated for those with sensitive skin in mind!