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Goddess Clay Mask - Glow

    Goddess Clay Mask - Glow


      This is a delectable blend that is ideal for any skin type looking for a deep antioxidant and nutrient boost for an all over glow. This rich clay mask will draw out impurities and bacteria in the skin, while deeply nourishing and regenerating the cells. Skin will have improved texture, clarity and circulation, leaving you with a clear, glowing, hydrated skin.

      Combine ½ to 1 tbsp of clay with liquid of your choice (water, raw honey, yogurt, aloe or floral water) and blend until a creamy paste consistency is formed. Apply to face and allow to dry. Let sit for approx. 5 minutes. Rinse off with warm water. 

      RHASSOUL CLAY- Moroccan Rhassoul Clay lessens dryness, enhances skin clarity and elasticity and has extractive abilities that confiscate impurities and unblock pores, even stubborn blackheads resulting in a general smoothing of the surface skin. This ancient clay is mined from Morocco and is super rich in minerals and is known for it's elasticity and texture-improving effects. 
      CACAO- Cacao is loaded with useful antioxidants. Enriched with minerals and vitamins like Vitamin C, magnesium and omega 6 fatty acids, cacao promotes blood flow and increases cellular healing to develop a youthful glow. 
      BENTONITE CLAY- This power packed clay has electric properties that, when mixed with water, makes the molecules charged and attracts toxins out of your face and to the clay kind of like a magnet. With its tightening, acne-clearing, and impurity-absorbing abilities, bentonite is a go-to for many skin concerns. It assists regenerating skin tissue. 
      ROSEHIPS- Rich in essential fatty acids and Vitamin A which help target scars, acne, eczema & psoriasis. It fades wrinkles and improves skin elasticity. It's regenerative properties will target premature aging.