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Just Breathe 4oz Gold Tin Soy Candle

    Just Breathe 4oz Gold Tin Soy Candle


      4 oz. petite gold tin candle handmade by The Bathing Raven. These tins are the perfect little gift, stocking stuffer, party favor, or travel candle. The husband and wife duo handcrafts each candle. From setting the wick to blending fragrance, then pouring wax, labeling, and doing the final quality check, your candle is made entirely by hand. They use only the highest quality ingredients for the cleanest burning candles. Each scent is created from original blends, ensuring our own, unique products.

      Just Breathe: Bring the spa experience home. This mix of soft eucalyptus and fresh garden peppermint works perfectly in entryways to create a welcoming sense of well-being, as well as in other spaces to set a soothing, yet productive mood. Perfect to relieve stress and clear the mind.

      Handmade in the USA

      Clean burning, 100% American-grown soy wax

      No dyes or chemical additives


      Lead-free, cotton wick