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Pop Fidgety - Dinosaur

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Who remembers all the fun you used to have with the leftover bubble wrap?!... No judgement if you still do! Well now we've made a toy out of the same fun. These Pop Fidget Toys are made of high quality silicone material, safe and non-toxic, lightweight. The sensory toys are resistant to falling, abrasion, and extrusion, endlessly reusable and washable! Parents can rest assured to buy for your children.

The Pop Fidget is a new type of board game that can exercise children's mathematical thinking, reasoning strategy, mental arithmetic, logical thinking and fine motor skills. But mainly, it's a great sensory fidget push pop toy for the person with autism, the elderly, adults and children who need to relieve stress. It will effectively help to relieve anxiety and stress, restore the mood. “Pop, Pop, Pop” sounds very enjoyable and decompressing.

The stress reliever pop toy is 4.72'' in size, plus it doesn't have a million little pieces to lose! Can be played in a car, plane, restaurant, camping, school, office and anywhere.

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