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Thimble Collection

Reversible Swing Tunic in Wildwood by Thimble Collection

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You may not be ready for something this spectacular, but we're going to hit you with it anyways - this beauty is completely reversible. Boom. Mind blown, right? You've got a gorgeous Wildwood print on one side and a mustard cord on the other, both picture perfect with a carefree swing silhouette.

    • 100% cotton 
    • Fully reversible with ties at the neck

About Thimble Collection: We are a mother-daughter team who believes that children's clothing should be both simple and playful, that it should be fun as well as practical, and that kids and parents alike should enjoy it. We also believe there should be more opportunities for parents to earn an income without sacrificing so much time at home with their families.  It's what we want for ourselves as mothers and we want to empower as many other parents as possible. Our team is full of mothers and grandmothers (still looking for our first dad hire!) who leverage their Thimble role to be at home with their kids, provide childcare for their grandchildren, build the financial flexibility to go back to school, and create new opportunities for their own children.

Our look is simple and playful. It all starts with fabrics that are beautiful, soft, and high-quality. We look for colors and patterns that we'd want for ourselves but that are oh-so-perfect for children. Our styles and silhouettes are truly one-of-a-kind, crafted to offer a hint of whimsy and a strong dose of practicality. Each design takes into account the needs of both parents and children, resulting in styles that last longer, wear easier, and make changes faster. Thimble is proudly constructed in the US by experienced seamstresses and mothers working from home to ensure heirloom-quality craftsmanship and love goes into each piece. It's important to us that every member of our team is able to be with her children while helping provide for them financially. Their diligence and hard work is evident in every piece they touch.