Sleigh Ride 11oz. Mercury Glass Soy Candle

Sleigh Ride 11oz. Mercury Glass Soy Candle

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11 oz. mercury glass candle handmade by The Bathing Raven. The husband and wife duo handcrafts each candle. From setting the wick to blending fragrance, then pouring wax, labeling, and doing the final quality check, your candle is made entirely by hand. They use only the highest quality ingredients for the cleanest burning candles. Each scent is created from original blends, ensuring our own, unique products.

Sleigh Ride: Dashing through the snow! With brisk notes of blue spruce, pine cones, and fresh snow, this "Christmas Tree" scent is our best seller of all time. Its not-so-secret, secret weapon? Fir needle essential oil imported from Siberia. Natural and lovely for holiday time.

Handmade in the USA

Clean burning, 100% American-grown soy wax

No dyes or chemical additives


Lead-free, cotton wick

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