The Horizon Stud Earrings by Hailey Gerrits - Green Turquoise

The Horizon Stud Earrings by Hailey Gerrits - Green Turquoise

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The Horizon stud earrings feature hand-cut gemstones set in 14K gold-plated brass, with 14K gold Vermeil earring posts. Simple but stunning. 

Also available in pink amethyst and sunstone. 

Handmade in Vancouver, Canada 

About the designer: There was always something about the richness of brass that caught Hailey Gerrits’s eye. When she began her jewelry practice in 2010, it wasn’t long before she could be found digging through bins of antique and vintage brasses in warehouses the size of airplane hangars, patiently searching for the perfect piece. It was the unknown origins and histories of aged metals, and the uniqueness of hand cut gemstones, that captured her imagination—the otherwise unobtainable quality of some spirit attached to every necklace, bracelet and earring she produced. It was only fitting that Gerrits would channel this quality into the process of her jewelry making. Gerrits infuses her modern designs with centuries-old legacies, calling forth some of the finest traditions in art and beauty. In aged brass and bold design, she finds the ability to bring classic style with modern sensibility to her customers.

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