Let's Talk 2022 Trends!


One of our favorite things about attending market... hellooooo trends! Trend forecasting was actually one of my favorite courses in college. I thought I had a career in it (LOL!). After now attending market in Atlanta & NYC, we are back with all of the hot trends for 2022! These are the things we saw surfacing in all industries... women's, kids, gift and home. Let us know your thoughts! 


Lavender Everything

Whether you prefer to call it lavender or lilac, the dang color is everywhere. With Pantone predicting the color of the year for 2022 to be a purple, I am not surprised with this trend. Look for lavender specifically in knits, clothing, and even accessories. We even have some new arrivals already in lavender! 


With the times of Covid, loungewear made its way to stay when it comes to our wardrobes. We are very excited that markets are back for our buying because there is truly nothing like touching and feeling the fabrics. Excitingly, we found so many brands that are producing top-of-the-line softness and comfort pieces. Yes, from the adults down to the kiddos! Also, matching lounge sets are HERE TO STAY! 


As Vans can attest, the black and white checkerboard has been a longtime print in consumerism. I love the retro feel it provokes. We noticed checkered prints in children's clothing, women's clothing, accessories, and TONS in housewares. We're also thinking it's going to be big for holiday 2022. 

Mushroom Prints 

Mushrooms have certainly been trending for awhile now but WOW they were everywhere when we were in Atlanta. I'm talking on baby footies, on the back of knit sweaters, the cutest mushroom ornaments for holiday, mushroom shaped candles... EVERYWHERE! I kind of love it but wondering how select the audience will be. 


This was one that was surprising to me, but it did compliment the mushroom trend well. My favorite sighting when it came to this trend was the exquisite beetle ornaments one of our vendor had. (Yes, we bought them, haha!) Beetles were also on lots of retro prints and graphic tees. 


DEF the hottest trend rn!!! I mean, we posted sneak peeks of our daisy/smiley sweatsuits for the littles on instagram stories while in NYC and my DM's about crashed. So much so I'm thinking we might need to up our order! Smileys are everywhere. Some pieces that come straight to mind are smiley trucker hats and beanies, sweatshirts, and even smiley printed ceramic candles. I don't see this one going anywhere anytime soon, and to be honest, it excites me! Such a feeling of optimism when I see them.