"One day WE decided to do it. 
Live OUR dreams and here we are."

Ever since I was a little girl, I knew I was destined for a career in fashion. My mom was a merchandiser and stylist for a local boutique, and from age 14 to 18, I spent my afternoons styling windows and choosing pieces. Just like the thread in my needle, I was hooked on the industry and anything to do with it. I started fueling my passion in high school by creating a fashion blog. What began five years ago as an artistic outlet turned into a profitable entity that still exists today!

After high school, I packed my bags and journeyed south, spending four, unforgettable years at Savannah College of Art and Design. Originally enrolled as a fashion design major, I eventually found my true strengths laying in the business side of things. I graduated with a degree in merchandising and moved back home to Ocean City, Maryland.

I worked a few different jobs during my first post-grad year, but couldn’t find anything broad enough to explore all my interests. During college, my partner Harrison and I created content for nationally-recognized brands – photos, campaigns, magazine spreads… The works. But when I went back home, no one was doing that for the little guys. With my fancy new education, I knew I could be that person. And thus, Lt Grey Creative was born.

I’ve been the boss of my own advertising agency for about three years now, and I absolutely love it. Every day I write, design, and brainstorm for small businesses. While I’m very passionate about this work, I never stopped thinking about that boutique I grew up in.

One day, I just decided to do it. Follow my dreams. And here we are. My mom decided to join me, and now we're living our dream everyday of opening a boutique together. We are the only mother/daughter owned boutique in town, and damn proud of it! If you know the two of us, you know we are very similar yet very different. We blend each other's styles, unique vision, and talents. Pam's a vibrant, people-centric, entertainer, who believes you can never wear too many accessories. Taylor relishes behind a computer screen, focusing on curating the perfect brand. Together, we can do anything!

All Our Love,

Taylor & Pam

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Magnolia Rifle is collected and curated for the bohemian woman with a classic flair. She’s ahead on the trends, but savors the timeless staples in her wardrobe. Stumbling her way to the next milestone, she’s currently searching for her next creative project. She finds inspiration in the everyday, excitement in simplicity, and opportunity in adventure.