We're so happy you're here.

Ever since I can remember, I knew I was destined for a career in fashion. My mom was a merchandiser for a local boutique, and growing up I spent my afternoons styling windows and following my mom and her boss around like a little puppy dog. I was hooked on the industry and anything to do with it immediately. My mom and I always daydreamed about starting our own boutique together one day, even keeping a little notebook with us everywhere we went full of ideas and thoughts.

After high school, I packed my bags and journeyed south, spending four, unforgettable years at Savannah College of Art And Design. Originally enrolled as a fashion design major, I eventually found my true strengths laying in the business side of things. I graduated with a degree in Merchandising and moved back home to Ocean City, Maryland.

I spent a few years founding an advertising agency called Lt Grey Creative, creating content and marketing for small businesses. While I was very passionate about this work, I never stopped thinking about that boutique that I grew up in.

We Love What We Do

One day, we decided to do it. Follow our dreams, and here we are. I somehow convinced my mom to join me, and now we're living our dream everyday of opening a boutique together. We named our boutique Magnolia Rifle for two things:

1. Magnolia is for Savannah, GA and our love of the South. Taylor graduated from Savannah College of Art and Design, fell in love in Savannah, and truth-be-told found herself and just what her passion could entail.

2. Rifle is in honor of our favorite man, Capt Steve Harman. (Pam's late husband and Taylor's dad.) He was a hunter and fisherman, hence the nod to the rifle. He passed away when Taylor was 8 and is greatly missed.

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